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Welcome to the companion website for Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures. The third edition of the Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures includes 218 scales: 87 new scales, 43 revised entries from the previous edition, and 88 entries from the previous edition for which we did not receive a revision but chose to retain nonetheless. Notable entries in this revised edition of the Handbook include revisions and updates of some well-established measures, scales that reflect expansions into sexual medicine, scales that have resulted from new theoretical constructs, and scales that reflect societal changes in attitudes toward women and toward homosexuality.

On this companion website to the Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures, you will find the table of contents for the Handbook, descriptions of each scale, contact information for the scale contributors, a sampling of complete scales, and supplemental information for which there was not room in the text edition. It is our desire to update this website as we receive additional submissions from authors who wish to have their measures considered for inclusion on this site or in the next edition of the Handbook. Questions regarding particular scales should be addressed to the author. Other questions may be addressed to Terri Fisher at

Terri D. Fisher
Mansfield, Ohio

Clive M. Davis
Syracuse, New York

William L. Yarber
Bloomington, Indiana

Sandra L. Davis
Syracuse, New York

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