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Aalsma, M. C., and Fortenberry, J. D., Childhood Sexual Abuse Scale

Miller, R. S., and Johnson, J. A., Early Sexual Experiences Checklist

Nemerofsky, A. G., and Carran, D. T., What-If-Situations-Test (Exhibit)

Schaefer, G. A., and Feelgood, S., Empathy for Children Scale

Stevenson, M. R., Unwanted Childhood Sexual Experiences Questionnaire

Activity (see Behavior)


Lewis, R. J., and Janda, L. H., Sexual History and Adjustment Questionnaire


Fullard, W., and Scheier, L. M., Sex Knowledge and Attitude Test for Adolescents

Kirby, D., Mathtech Questionnaires: Sexuality Questionnaires for Adolescents (Exibit)

Sales, J. M., Milhausen, R. R., Spitalnick, J., and DiClemente, R. J., The Worry About Sexual Outcomes Scale

Small, S. A., Adolescent Perceived Costs and Benefits Scale for Sexual Intercourse

Affect (also see Erotophobia-Erotophilia)

Tromovitch, P., Multidimensional Measure of Comfort With Sexuality


Malamuth, N. M., Attraction to Sexual Aggression Scale

Mosher, D. L., Aggressive Sexual Behavior Inventory


Weinstein, E., Senior Adult Sexuality Scales

White, C. B., Aging Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes Scale


Anxiety (also see Guilt)

Janda, L. H., Sex Anxiety Inventory


Hoon, E. F., and Chambless, D., Sexual Arousability Inventory and Sexual Arousability Inventory-Expanded

Mosher, D. L., Multiple Indicators of Subjective Sexual Arousal (Exhibit)

Assault (see Aggression; Rape)

Assertiveness (also see Initiative)

Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Assertiveness

Yesmont, G., Intimate Relationships Questionnaire

Attitudes (also see Beliefs and Cognitions, Behavior, Emotions, Ideology, Knowledge and Permissiveness; also see specific attitude topics)

Fisher, T. D., Attitudes Toward Sexuality Scale

Hannon, R., Hall, D., Gonzalez, V., and Cacciapaglia, H. Trueblood Sexual Attitude Questionnaire (Exhibit)

Hendrick, S. S., and Hendrick, C., Sexual Attitudes Scale & Brief Sexual Attitudes Scale

Hudson, W. W., and Murphy, G. J., Sexual Attitude Scale

Patton, W., and Mannison, M., The Revised Attitudes Toward Sexuality Inventory

Wenner, C. A., Russell, V. M, and McNulty, J. K., Attitudes Toward Unconventional Sex Scale


Diamond, L., Assessing Multiple Facets of Attraction to Women and Men


Snell, W. E., Jr., Fisher, T. D., and Miller, R. S., Sexual Awareness Questionnaire


Byers, E. S., Sexual Activity Questionnaire

Cowart-Steckler, D., and Pollack, R. H., Cowart-Pollack Scale of Sexual Experience

Zuckerman, M., Human Sexuality Questionnaire

Beliefs and Cognitions (also see Attitudes, Fantasy)

Nobre, P. J., and Pinto-Gouveia, J., Sexual Dysfunctional Beliefs Questionnaire

Nobre, P., and Pinto-Gouveia, J., Sexual Modes Questionnaire

Renaud, C. A., and Byers, E. S., Sexual Cognitions Checklist

Birth Control (see Contraception)

Bisexuality (see Attraction, Homosexualties)

Body Image

McDonagh, L. K., Morrison, T. G., and McGuire, B. E., Male Body Image Self-Consciousness Scale

Herbenick, D., Attitudes Toward Women’s Genitals Scale

Children, Childhood Sexual Experience (also see Abuse, Education, Family)

Koch, P. B., and Brick, P., Questionnaire on Young Children's Sexual Learning

Coercion (also see Harassment, Rape)

Aalsma, M. C., and Fortenberry, J. D., Sexual Coercion Scale (Exhibit)

Cairns, K. V., and Wright, J., Survey of Unwanted Sexual Attention in University Residences

Goetz, A. T., and Shackelford, T. K., Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships Scale

Muehlenhard, C. L, and Felts, A. S., Sexual Beliefs Scale


Catania, J. A., Dyadic Sexual Communication Scale

Fisher, T. D., Weighted Topics Measure of Family Sexual Communication (Exhibit)

McIntyre-Smith, A., and Fisher, W. A., Female Partner’s Communication During Sexual Activity Scale

Milhausen, R. R., Sales, J. M., and DiClemente, R. J., Partner Communication Scale

Sales, J. M., Milhausen, R. R., and DiClemente, R. J., Parent-Adolescent Communication Scale

Warren, C., Family Sex Communication Quotient


Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Compatibility


Coleman, E., and Swinburne Romine, R. E., Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory Coleman & Romine Exhibit

Kalichman, S. C., Sexual Compulsivity Scale

McBride, K. R., Reece, M., and Sanders, S. A., Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Sexual Behavior Scale

Snell, W. E., Jr., Sexuality Scale


Butler, S. M., Procopio, M., Boteler, C., Ragan, K., Funke, B., & Black, D.  R. Institutional Condom Assessment Questionnaire*

Crosby, R. A., Graham, C. A., Milhausen, R. R., Sanders, S. A., and Yarber, W. L., Condom Use Errors/Problems Survey (Exhibit)

Crosby, R. A., Graham, C. A., Milhausen, R. R., Sanders, S. A., and Yarber, W. L., Correct Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale

Helweg-Larsen, M., UCLA Multidimensional Condom Attitudes Scale (Appendix)

Reece, M., Herbenick, D., and Dodge, B., Condom Fit and Feel Scale

Vail-Smith, K., Durham, T. W., and Howard, H. A., Condom Embarrassment Scale


Byers, E. S., and O'Sullivan, L. F., Sexual Situation Questionnaire (Exhibit)


Humphreys, T. P., Sexual Consent Scale, Revised

Humphreys, T. P, and Kennett, D. J., Reasons for Consenting to Unwanted Sex Scale

Contraception (also see Condoms)

Black, K. J., Contraceptive Attitude Scale

Condelli, L., Contraceptive Utilities, Intention, and Knowledge Scale

Levinson, R. A., Contraceptive Self-Efficacy Scale

Deception (see Self-Disclosure and Deception)


Clayton, A. H., Goldfischer, E. R., Goldstein, I., DeRogatis, L. R., Lewis-D’Agostino, D. J., and Pyke, R., Decreased Sexual Desire Screener

Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Desire

Spector, I. P., Carey, M. P., and Steinberg, L., Sexual Desire Inventory

Double Standard

Caron, S. L., Davis, C. M., Halteman, W. A., and Stickle, M., Double Standard Scale

Lottes, I. L., and Weinberg, M. S., Indicators of a Double Standard and Generational Differences in Sexual Attitudes

Muehlenhard, C. L., and Quackenbush, D. M., Sexual Double Standard Scale

Drive (see Desire, Excitability/Excitation)

Dysfunction (also see Functioning, Satisfaction)

Clayton, A. H., Goldmeier, D., Nappi, R. E., Wunderlich, G., Lewis-D’Agostino D. J., and Pyke, R., Sexual Interest and Desire Inventory-Female

Derogatis, L. R., Pyke, R, McCormack, J., Hunter, A., and Hardig, G., Female Sexual Distress Scale-Revised

Koch, P. B., and Cowden, C. R., Attitudes Related to Sexual Concerns Scale

Larson, E. R., and McKay, M. H., Sexual Problems Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Exhibit)

McCabe, M. P., Sexual Dysfunction Scale


Godin, S., and Razzano, K., Family Life Sex Education Goal Questionnaire II


Young, D. M, and Hatfield, E., Global Measure of Equity and Multi-Trait Measure of Equity: Measuring Equity in Close Relationships


Darling, C. A., and Davidson, J. K., Sr., Female Sexual Response Patterns: Grafenberg Spot/Area and Ejaculation

Elderly (see Aging)

Emotions (also see Attitudes, and specific emotions)

Jones, D. N., Emotional Promiscuity Scale

Equality (see Egalitarianism)

Erotica (see Sexually Explicit Material)

Erotophobia-Erotophilia (also see Affect)

Fallis, E. E., Gordon, C., and Purdon, C., Sexual Anxiety Scale

Rye, B. J., Meaney, G. J., and Fisher, W. A., Sexual Opinion Survey


Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Excitability

Carpenter, D. L., Janssen, E., Graham, C. A., Vorst, H., and Wicherts, J., Sexual Inhibition/Sexual Excitation Scales—Short Form

Graham, C. A., Sanders, S. A., and Milhausen, R. R., Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women

Janssen, E., Bancroft, J., Graham, C. A., and Carpenter, D. L., Sexual Inhibition/Sexual Excitation Scales

Milhausen, R. R., Graham, C. A., and Sanders, S. A., Sexual Excitation/Sexual Inhibition Inventory for Women and Men (Exhibit)

Experience (see Behavior)


Buunk, B., Extramarital Behavioral Intentions Scale

Jones, D. N., Olderbak, S. G., and Figueredo, A. J., Intentions Toward Infidelity Scale

Reiss, I. L., Reiss Extramarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale


DiIorio, C., Parenting Outcome Expectancy Scale

DiIorio, C., Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale


Giambra, L. M., and Singer, J. L., Sexual Daydreaming Scale of the Imaginal Processes Inventory

Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Fantasy

Female Sexuality

Chambless, D. L., and DeMarco, D., Women's Sexuality Questionnaire

Davidson, J. K., Sr., and Darling, C. A., Self-Perceptions of Female Sexuality Survey Instrument (Exhibit)

Ellison, C. R., and Zilbergeld, B., Sexuality of Women Survey

Levin, A. O., and Andersen, B. L., Sexual Self-Schema Scale—Women's Version

Rosen, R. C., Taylor, J. F., and Leiblum, S. R., Brief Index of Sexual Functioning for Women

Functioning (also see Satisfaction)

Clayton, A. H, and McGarvey, E. L., Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire

Creti, L., Fichten, C. S., Amsel, R., Brender, W., Schover, L. R., Kalogeropoulos, D., and Libman, E., Global Sexual Functioning: A Single Summary Score for Nowinski and LoPiccolo’s Sexual History Form (SHF)

Derogatis, L. R., Derogatis Interview for Sexual Functioning

Derogatis, L. R., Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory

Garos, S., Garos Sexual Behavior Inventory

Libman, E., Spector, I., Binik, Y., Brender, W., and Fichten, C. S., Jewish General Hospital Sexual Self-Monitoring Form

McCabe, M. P., Sexual Function Scale

Miccio-Fonseca, L. C., Personal Sentence Completion Inventory

Woody, J. D., and D'Souza, H. J., Sexual Interactions System Scale

Gender Identification

Blanchard, R., Masculine Gender Identity Scale for Females


Mosher, D. L., Revised Mosher Guilt Inventory


Decker, A. L., and Hudson, W. W., Index of Sexual Harassment

Petersen, J., and Hyde, J. S., Peer Sexual Harassment Victimization Scale

Pryor, J. B., and Wesselmann, E. D., Likelihood to Sexually Harass Scale

Stake, J. E., and Malovich, N. J., Sexual Harassment Attitudes Questionnaire


Butler, S. M., & Black, D. R.,Diffusion of Sexual Health Innovations Questionnaire* Exhibit

Butler, S. M., Black, D. R., Avery, G. H., Kelly, J., and Coster, D. C., Sexual Health Services Questionnaire

Eastman-Mueller, H., Carr, D., and Osterlind, S., Sexual Health Survey

Koch, P. B., Colaco, C., and Porter, A. W., Sexual Health Practices Self-Efficacy Scale (Exhibit)

Schönbucher, V., Landolt, M. A., Gobet, R., and Weber, D. M., Pediatric Penile Perception Score


Bruce, K., and McLaughlin, J., Herpes Attitude Scale

Bruce, K., and McLaughlin, J., Herpes Knowledge Scale

Mirotznik, J., Genital Herpes Perceived Severity Scales

Heterosexual Preferences

Purnine, D. M., Carey, M. P., and Jorgenson, R. S., Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences and Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences—Other


Ernst, F. A., Francis, R. A., Perkins, J., Britton-Williams, Q., and Kang, A.S., The Meharry Questionnaire: The Measurement of Attitudes Toward AIDS-Related Issues

Koch, P. B., and Singer, M. D., HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes Scale for Teachers

Koopman, C., Reid, H., McGarvey, E., and Castillo, A. C., Assessment of Knowledge and Beliefs About HIV/AIDS Among Adolescents

Luquis, R. R., and Koch, P. B., HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes Scales for Hispanics

Preston, D. B., Young, E. W., Koch, P. B., and Forti, E. M., The Nurses' Attitudes About HIV/AIDS Scale—Version 2

Shrum, J., Turner, N., and Bruce, K., AIDS Attitude Scale

Snell, W. E., Jr., AIDS Discussion Strategy Scale

Snell, W. E., Jr., and Finney, P. D., Multidimensional AIDS Anxiety Questionnaire

Snell, W. E., Jr., Finney, P. D., and Godwin, L. J., Stereotypes About AIDS Scale

Torabi, M. R., and Yarber, W. L., Alternate Forms of HIV Prevention Attitude Scales for Teenagers

Vanable, P. A., Brown, J. L., Carey, M. P., and Bostwick, R. A., Sexual Health Knowledge Questionnaire for HIV+ MSM

Zimet, G. D., Adolescent AIDS Knowledge Scale


Morrison, M. A., and Morrison, T. G., Modern Homonegativity Scale

Ricketts, W. A., and Hudson, W. W., Index of Homophobia

Van de Ven, P., Bornholt, L., and Bailey, M., Homophobic Behavior of Students Scale

Wagner, G. J., Internalized Homophobia Scale

Weibley, S., and Hindin, M., Self-Identified Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale

Wright, L. W., Jr., Adams, H. E., and Bernat, J., Homophobia Scale

Homosexualities (also see Attraction)

Brady, S., Gay Identity Questionnaire

Goode, E., Sexual Correlates of Female Homosexual Experience

Herek, G. M., and McLemore, K. A., Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale

Kite, M. E., Component Measure of Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Lai, B. S., Willoughby, B. L. B., Doty, N. D., and Malik, N. M., Gay Peer Crowd Questionnaire

Lynch, J. M., and Reilly, M. E., Power Sharing in Lesbian Partnerships

Vanable, P. A., McKirnan, D. J., and Stokes, J. P., Identification and Involvement with the Gay Community Scale

Willoughby, B. L. B., Doty, N. D., Braaten, E. B., and Malik, N. M., Perceived Parental Reactions Scale (Exhibit)

Dillon, F. R., and Worthington, R. L., Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Knowledge and Attitudes Scale

Identity (also see Attraction, Experience, Gender Identity, and Homosexualities)

Navarro, R. L., Savoy, H. B., and Worthington, R. L., Measure of Sexual Identity Exploration and Commitment

Ideology (also see Attitudes, Knowledge)

Lottes, I. L., Sexual Ideology Instrument

Lottes, I. L., Sexual Rights Instrument

Mosher, D. L., and Sullivan, J., Sexual Polarity Scale


Anderson, P. B., and Newton, M., Sexually Assertive Behavior Scale

Intimacy (see Satisfaction)


McCabe, M. P., and Collins, J. K., Depth of Sexual Involvement Scale

Mosher, D. L., Sexual Path Preferences Inventory


Buunk, B., Anticipated Sexual Jealousy Scale

Knowledge (also see Adolescents)

McCabe, M. P., Sexual Knowledge, Experience, Feelings, and Needs Scale

Locus of Control

Catania, J. A., Dyadic Sexual Regulation Scale


Hatfield, E., and Young, D., The Juvenile Love Scale: A Child's Version of the Passionate Love Scale

Hatfield, E., and Sprecher, S., The Passionate Love Scale

Male Sexuality

Freund, K., and Blanchard, R., Gender Identity and Erotic Preference in Males

Snell, W. E., Jr., Stereotypes About Male Sexuality Scale (Exhibit)

Masculinity (see Male Sexuality)

Masturbation (also see Attitudes, Experience, Female Sexuality, and Self-Stimulation)

Mosher, D. L., Negative Attitudes Toward Masturbation

Young, C. D., and Muehlenhard, C. L., Attitudes Toward Masturbation Scale

Molestation (see Abuse)

Motivation (see Sexual Motivation)

Myths (see Attitudes, Beliefs, and Knowledge)


Hurlbert, D. F., Hurlbert Index of Sexual Narcissism

Widman, L., and McNulty, J. K., Sexual Narcissism Scale

Orgasm (also see Female Sexuality)

Critelli, J. W., Bridges, C. F., and Loos, V. E., Causal Attribution for Coital Orgasm Scale

Mah, K., and Binik, Y. M., Orgasm Rating Scale

McIntyre-Smith, A., and Fisher, W. A., Female Orgasm Scale

Paraphilia (also see Compulsion, Transvestism)

Blanchard, R., Paraphilia Scales From Kurt Freund’s Erotic Preferences Examination Scheme

Pedophilia (see Abuse)

Permissiveness (also see Attitudes)

Lottes, I. L., and Kuriloff, P. J., Sexual Socialization Instrument

Reiss, I. L., Reiss Premarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale (Short Form)

Sprecher, S., Premarital Sexual Permissiveness Scale

Personality (also see Assertiveness, Erotophobia-Erotophilia, Narcissism, Sensation Seeking, and Sexual Perfectionism)

Marelich, W. D., and Shelton, E., Need for Sexual Intimacy Scale

Pornography (see Sexually Explicit Material)

Power (see Locus of Control)

Premarital (see Attitudes, Permissiveness)

Rape (see also Coercion)

Lottes, I. L., Rape Supportive Attitude Scale (Exhibit)

Thompson, V. L. S., and Smith, S. W., Sexual Assault Treating/Reporting Attitudes Survey


Snell, W. E., Jr., Multidimensional Sexual Approach Questionnaire

Snell, W. E., Jr., Sexual Relationship Scale

Safer-Sex Behaviors (see Sexual Risk)

Satisfaction (also see Functioning)

Hudson, W. W., Index of Sexual Satisfaction

Lawrance, K., Byers, E. S., and Cohen, J. N., Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire

Štulhofer, A., Buško, V., and Brouillard, P., The New Sexual Satisfaction Scale and Its Short Form (Exhibit)

Self-Concept (also see Female Sexuality)

Cotten, A. L., The Meaning of My Sexual Self

O’Sullivan, L. F., Meyer-Bahlburg, H. F. L., and McKeague, I., Sexual Self-Concept Inventory

Snell, W. E., Jr., Multidimensional Sexual Self-Concept Questionnaire

Self-Disclosure and Deception

Catania, J. A., Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale (Exhibit)

Herold, E. S., and Way, L., Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale

Marelich, W. D., and Slaughter, R. I., Sexual Deception Scale

Snell, W. E., Jr., Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale


Bailes, S., Creti, L., Fichten, C. S., Libman, E., Brender, W., and Amsel, R., Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale for Female Functioning

Dillon, F. R., and Worthington, R. L., Lesbian, Gay, and BisexualAffirmative Counseling Self-Efficacy Inventory

Fichten, C. S., Budd, J., Spector, I., Amsel, R., Creti, L.,Brender, W., Bailes, S., and Libman, E., Sexual Self-Efficacy Scale—Erectile Functioning

Self-Stimulation (also see Masturbation)

McIntyre-Smith, A., and Fisher, W. A., Clitoral Self-Stimulation Scale

Sensation Seeking

Kalichman, S. C., Sexual Sensation Seeking Scale

Sex Education (see Education)

Sexual Consciousness

van Lankveld, J. J. D. M., Sykora, H., and Geijen, W. E. H., Sexual Self-Consciousness Scale

Sexual Esteem (see Self-Esteem)

Sexual History

Cupitt, C., Sexual History Questionnaire

Sexual Motivation

Hill, C. A., Affective and Motivational Orientation Related to Erotic Arousal Questionnaire

Peterson, Z. D., and Muehlenhard, C. L., Sexual Wanting Questionnaire

Quadagno, D., Age, Gender, and Sexual Motivation Inventory

Sexual Risk

Basen-Engquist, K., Mâsse, L. C., Coyle, K., Kirby, D., Parcel, G., Banspach, S., and Nodora, J., Sexual Risk Behavior Beliefs and Self-Efficacy Scales

Catania, J. A., Health Protective Sexual Communications Scale

DiIorio, C., Safe Sex Behavior Questionnaire (Exhibit)

Fisher, D. G., Napper, L. E., Reynolds, G. L., and Johnson, M. E., Risk Behavior Assessment

Turchik, J. A., and Garske, J. P., Sexual Risk Survey

Sexually Explicit Material

Lottes, I. L., and Weinberg, M. S., Attitudes Toward Erotica Questionnaire

Štulhofer, A., and Landripet, I., The Sexual Scripts Overlap Scale— Short Version

Sexual Perfectionism

Snell, W. E., Jr., Multidimensional Sexual Perfectionism Questionnaire

Sexually Transmitted Infections (see also specific diseases)

Koch, P. B., Porter, A. W., and Colaco, C., STI Education Efficacy Scale

Yarber, W. L., Torabi, M. R., and Veenker, C. H., STD Attitude Scale

Signaling (see Initiative)


Humphreys, T. P., and Kennett, D. J., Female Sexual Resourcefulness Scale

Nobre, P., and Pinto-Gouveia, J., Questionnaire of Cognitive Schema Activation in Sexual Context

Sociosexual Orientation

Levant, R. F., Smalley, K. B., Rankin, T. J., Colbow, A., David, K., and Williams, C. M., Women’s Nontraditional Sexuality Questionnaire

Penke, L., Revised Sociosexual Orientation Inventory

Simpson, J. A., and Gangestad, S. W., Sociosexual Orientation Inventory


Camilleri, J., Tactics to Obtain Sex Scale

Token Resistance

Osman, S. L., Token Resistance to Sex Scale (Exhibit)


Blanchard, R., Cross-Gender Fetishism Scale

Variations (also see Gender Identification and specific variations)

Yost, M. R., Attitudes About Sadomasochism Scale

Victimization (see Abuse)

Virginity and Virginity Loss

Erikkson, J., and Humphreys, T., Virginity Beliefs Scale (Exhibit)

Schwartz, I. M., First Coital Affective Reaction Scale

Women (see Female Sexuality)


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