The American Urban Reader: History and Theory

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The American Urban Reader: History and Theory (AUR) brings together the most exciting work on the evolution of the American city for a wide audience. Editors Steven H. Corey and Lisa Krissoff Boehm bring their extensive classroom experience in history and urban studies to this anthology. The AUR employs classic urban history/urban studies texts and new works that make important contributions to the study of American metropolitan life.

The volume includes thirty-six essays from such notable contributors as Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr., Richard C. Wade, Herbert J. Gans, Sam Bass Warner, Jr., Arnold Hirsch, Christine Stansell, Thomas Sugrue, and Lizabeth Cohen. Corey and Boehm highlight compelling episodes in American urban history that are illustrative of larger trends.

Topics range from colonial life in port cities, the urban West, the rise of the industrial city, Chinese immigrants in San Francisco, public housing projects in Chicago, the glitz of Las Vegas, and the rebuilding of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The AUR supplements the essays with primary documents and photographs, maps, and illustrations. The AUR serves as a sourcebook for further research through its extensive bibliographies and through the book's companion website.

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