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Welcome to the companion website for Cases in Public Relations Management. This text has been developed for students in public relations, using cases in public relations with outcomes varying from expected to unsuccessful. Each case is based on real events, and is designed to encourage discussion, debate, and exploration of the options available to today's strategic public relations manager. It challenges students to think analytically, strategically, and practically.

Key features of this text include coverage of the latest controversies in current events, discussion of the ethical issues that have made headlines in recent years, and strategies used by public relations practitioners. Most cases end with an open scenario, allowing students to discover different opinions and participate in creative discussions. The case study approach encourages readers to assess what they know about communication theory, the public relations process, and management practices, and prepares them for their future careers as PR practitioners.

On this website you will find a comprehensive set of resources for instructors, including chapter teaching guides and supplements.

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