Chapter 5: We’re All in This Together: Collectivism and World War II

  1. How did celebrity coverage change after American entry into WWII? Compare coverage during this time period to coverage during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. Compare the ideas of individualism with collectivism. Provide examples of each in celebrity stories mentioned in this and prior chapters.
  3. Describe how patriotism became central in celebrity stories. How does this compare to celebrity stories during WWI? Today?
  4. How has consumption been linked to patriotism in the distant and recent past?
  5. Compare how advertisements changed during WWII compared with previous years. How do these changes compare with advertisements today?
  6. How were women characterized in celebrity stories and advertisements during WWII? How does this compare to coverage in prior decades? To coverage today?
  7. Discuss how celebrity relationships were described in fan magazines during this time. How do these stories compare with stories about celebrities’ relationships today?
  8. Compare Hollywood’s overall involvement in the war effort during WWII with the more limited involvement in the war effort today. Why do you think the industry was more involved then compared with now?
  9. Discuss shifts in trends in divorce, marriage, and unemployment during this time. What impact do you think these changes might have had on how celebrities were covered?
  10.  Under what circumstances do you think a focus on collectivism could return in celebrity coverage and in the culture as a whole? Why or why not?
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