Understanding Society Through Popular Music Book Cover

This is the companion website for Understanding Society Through Popular Music. The purpose of this book is to use music as a tool to help students understand the structure and process of social life. Sociologically, music is important because it simultaneously contains and reflects a people's language, values, feelings, concerns, and goals. The material in this innovative, compact supplement is current and relevant to the musical experiences of today's college and university students and includes a companion web site that features an instructor's guide, test bank, discussion questions, and links to relevant internet sites. To make the book easy to use in introductory sociology courses, it is structured along lines parallel to the way most instructors teach the course.

What You Will Find on This Website for Instructor's Only

Click on the Instructor Manual Tab to Access the Following Resources

  • Power Point Slides of chapter outlines
  • Essay Questions for each chapter
  • Web Links for extra resources and readings related to this book
  • Quizzes available for download
  • Feedback form you can use to send your comments to the book's publisher