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The chapter is organized around several themes: student experiences with the Internet (powerful activity structures for using the Net), telecommunications projects and student inquiry(case studies and examples of internet-based projects that involve students in authentic inquiry).

Pedagogical Tool

Initial Case Study

Web-Based Teaching, Just Another Progressive Education Fad?

A science teacher questions a science education researhers assertion that the Web might be one of the keys to reforming science education.

Invitations to Inquiry

Focus questions for the Chapter

Key questions inviting your students to learn about the Internet and science teaching.s

Inquiry Activities

Inquiry Acitivity 12.1: Exploring Internet-Based Pedagogies

Inquiry 12.2: Network Science---Exploring Online Projects

Using Web-based pedagogies to create an online science activity

Analyzing the attributes of four online science projects

Emerging Pedagogical Practices

Computer-mediatied communication

Computer-supported collaborative learning

Wireless interactive learning devices

Details and examples of how information and communication technologies are used in classrooms

Web-Based Innovations

  • Outside communication with peers and experts
    - Key Pals and Global Classes
  • Student Collaborative Research
    - Pooled Data Analysis (Network Science)
    - Virtual Field Trips
  • Product creation and web publishing
  • Social action projects
  • Virtual or online classroom

These innovations provide the basis for the development of multiple ways to use the Internet for face-to-face or Web-based teaching. Specific examples are given with examples of how you can use these innovations with your students.s

Network Science Inquiry Projects

A section on Network science in which the attributes, implications and examples are discussed. Inquiry 12.2 is integrated into this section enabling your students to "experience" four different network science projects.l

Web-Based Projects

Examples of Web-based projects:

Links to projects that located on the website.

Science Teachers Talk (on the Companion Website)

Teachers discuss: How do you use technology (including the Internet) in your science class? Why do you, and what do you see as the benefits for your students?

An interesting discussion of how teachers from four different countries use technology and the Net in teaching.

Problems and Extensions

Sample Problem and Extension: Discuss the implications of usingc the Web to make your teaching environment a "global classroom." What do you think will be the outcomes and benefits for your students and colleagues?

You'll find six P & E's that you can use as classroom activities, online experiences, or for discussion.


Key Internet readings to expand the horizons of your students.

On the Web

Key Websites for the content of the chapter.