Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding the Nature of Mass Media
1: Mass Communication, Popular Taste and Organized Social Action, P.F. Lazarsfeld and Robert King Merton
2: Media Literacy Approach, W. James Potter
3: Common Media for an Uncommon Nation, Ben H. Bagdikian
4: Political Problem, Political Solutions, Robert McChesney
5: Not Toasters: The Special Nature of Media Products, C. Edwin Baker
6: Four puzzles from Cyberspace, Lawrence Lessig
Part II: The Print Media
7: Making news: Time and Typifications, Gaye Tuchman
8: Convergence: News Production in a Digital Age, Eric Klinenberg
9: Pushing Time Ahead: Digital Challenges Facing Print Media, Brooke Erin Duffy
10: Sex, Lies, and Advertising, Gloria Steinem
11: Is There a Text in This Advertising Campaign?: Literature, Marketing, and Harry Potter, Philip Nel
12: Newspapers Rocken Espanol, Mark Fitzgerald
Part III: The Electronic Media
13: What Is News?, Neal Postman and Steve Powers
14: Queens for a Day: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the Neoliberal Project, Katherine Sender
15: Deconstructing the Diversity Principle, Philip M. Napoli
16: Radio in Modernity: Time, Place and 'Communicative Capacity,' David Hendy
17: Fallout: A Follow Up to the Internet Debacle, Janis Ian
18: Promoting and Protecting the Industry, Janet Wasko
19: Art House Meets Graphic Novel, or Blockbuster Meets Superhero Comic?: The Contradictory Relationship between Film and Comic Art, Matthew P. McAllister, Ian Gordon and Mark Jancovich.
Part IV: The Digital Media
20: The Long Tail, Chris Anderson
21: Peer Production and Sharing, Yochai Benkler
22: Your Brain on Video Games: Could They Actually Be Good for You?, Steven Johnson
23: Sports Online: The Newest Player in Mediasport, Michael Real
24: Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars?: Digital Cinema, Media Convergence and Participatory Culture, Henry Jenkins
25: Download This: YouTube Phenom Has a Big Secret, Ethan Smith and Peter Lattman
Part V: Advertising and Public Relations
26: The Work of Adcult, James B. Twitchell
27: 'Chaos Scenario': A Look at the Marketing Industry's Coming Disaster, Bob Garfield
28: Rethinking Television in the Digital Age, Joseph Turow
29: Philanthropy as Public Relations: A Critical Perspective on Cause Marketing, Inger L. Stole
30: Media, War, and Propaganda: Strategies of Information Management during the 2003 Iraq War, Deepa Kumar
31: The Public and its Problems: Some Notes for the New Millennium, Stuart Ewen