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This is the companion website for Teaching Online, Third Edition, a practical, concise guide for educators teaching online. A leader in the online field, this best-selling resource features a reader-friendly tone and offers exceptional practical advice. The newly updated third edition has been fully revamped and will help readers choose and integrate the latest technology tools and valuable online educational resources. Building on the original strengths of the prior editions, this edition offers a plethora of new teaching examples, faculty interviews, samples of course materials, and an updated resource section.

On this interactive website, you’ll find engaging resources and opportunities to keep in touch with the author, Susan Ko.

Features of this website include:

  • An interactive blog that invites users to post questions and view responses from Susan Ko.
  • Real-life case studies submitted by readers and selected for the author’s blog as examples of how the book is being used in the field.
  • An online version of the resource section, where readers can find updated sources and removal of dead links.
  • An online sample chapter for users to explore.
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