Errata List

p. 64, section 3.1.1. In calculations of the sum of squares, the second number should be 354, not 351.

p. 130, section 5.1. Chi-square is generally classified as a test of relationships (cf. the table from Hatch and Lazaraton’s The Research Manual, reprinted in Porte, 2002, p. 284-285. However, in 5.1 I classify it as a test of group differences (it is correctly labeled as a test of relationships on p. 135).

p.208, in Table 8.3, under the “German” column, the results of 100*39/200 should be 19.5 instead of 18.5

p.209, in the equation, the fourth item (German) should have the expected score as 19.5. Also, only the data from Hometown U are included, not the data from Big City University (the second line of the equation looks to be just a repetition of the first line). However, the final result of the equation, 8.374, is correct.

p.270, the last line of the first paragraph should read “the different levels in the independent variable”, as is seen in figure 10.3 on the next page.

p. 285, section 10.5.4, second paragraph: The output for calculating the PV comes from Table 10.5, not Figure 10.10, and the PV should be calculated as 240.9/759.9 (this results correctly in .32).

p. 334, section 12.2.1, Table 12.1. Line 10 of the syntax for this plot should have the word “Cond” underlined after the word “DATA:” as this will need to be replaced with the user’s own label for the group-splitting variable.

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