“Allen Amason has written a fabulously readable and totally up-to-date book…contemporary and fresh. The book will serve both students and instructors of strategic management exceedingly well.”
Donald C. Hambrick, The Pennsylvania State University

Welcome to the companion website for Strategic Management: From Theory to Practice by Allen C. Amason.

This book is designed to help students think critically and understand fully how to strategically manage their future firms. In so doing, it will enable them to adapt and learn, even as their circumstances change; to apply sound logic and reasoning, even in new and unfamiliar settings.

This website offers instructors and students resources that build on the material in the book.

For instructors:

  • PowerPoint Lecture Slides that cover the key issues in the book and provide a starting point for instructor's class preparation.

For students:

  • Chapter Study Outlines with links to articles, videos, and websites
  • Key Terms covered in the book, by chapter

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