Case Studies


Case study on London riots.


Case study on popular music audiences.

Case study on popular music theory.

Title Sequences

  • The title sequences for soaps can be quite different to those for films. The Bond films in particular are well known for their title sequences featuring women and guns. Do you think these titles work as a form of branding, identifying the film as part of the bond series?

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Case study on Lost.


Case study on Film and Censorship.


  • Above there are English football team websites, look at the sponsorships they have. Notice the different media outlays that are involved in football. Sponsorships include an airline company, phone network companies, alcohol, online betting, insurance companies etc. Why do you think these companies choose to invest into football teams? Do you think these companies set high standards for the supporters? Should a child be wearing a shirt advertising alcohol and online betting when they themselves should not be concerned with such products?
  • Check out Wayne Rooney's website. How do sports celebrities fit with the image of sport as a whole? There are a number of sponsors listed on the site. How do sports celebrity's images and opinions affect the image of their team and the sport as a whole? How has the media presented Wayne Rooney?


Case study on Magazines and Gender.

Case study on Consumerism and Lifestyle Magazines.

Media Theory

Case study on Marxism and Global Media.

Advertising and Marketing

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