WJEC Exam Practice

The WJEC AS paper Media Representations and Responses requires you to answer questions based on materials that you will have seen for the first time when you go into the exam room.  These materials may come in the form of print, online or audio visual.  Below are links to five moving image texts that you can look at and use as the basis to practise your response to the type of question you may be faced with.

Five television clips to play with


What issues from the following do you think this clip raises?


What do you have to say about how this sequence is constructed?

How do you think audiences are likely to respond to it?


What do you learn about the nature of prime-time TV audiences from this clip?

4. tch?v=EC8Y-Xzm8oU&feature=channel

More Jo Brand this time in the hospital comedy drama Getting On.

Consider how the construction of this clip is appropriate to the messages which it conveys.  You might find it useful for example to think about the idea of realism.

What issues of representation are raised by this clip?


What does this clip from Wonders of the Solar System tell you about the way science is represented on television in order to appeal to audiences?

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