Doing Ethics in Media

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Doing Ethics in Media - your comprehensive introduction to media ethics.

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What instructors are saying about Doing Ethics in Media:  

Doing Ethics in Media is a book that lives up to its name. It enables readers to wrestle with the significant philosophical foundations through a lens of reality. It lives up to the definition of ethics as being values in action, ensuring readers get hands-on experience with dilemmas that face those in the mass communication professions.
Lois A. Boynton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Roberts and Black have put together in one book excellent content and hands-on analysis techniques that one finds scattered through the best existing texts in the field.
Deni Elliott, University of South Florida

Doing Ethics in Media
has the needed antidotes for contemporary media students on a global level. There are so many moral dilemmas that media practitioners and media consumers have to grapple with – is it really enough these days to be a reporter and present solely the facts? Should you present multiple angles? What about the complicated ethical decisions one has to make as a PR professional – how do you remain loyal to the companies you work for but also remain accountable to the public at large? These are just some of the questions we deal with in Media Ethics courses. And I am pleased that Doing Ethics in Media helps students and instructors successfully work through these challenges.
Zaneta Trajkoska, Macedonian Institute for Media

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