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Welcome to the companion website for the 7th edition of Research Methods in Education by Cohen, Manion and Morrison.  Here you will find online resources that have been designed to accompany the textbook, in the form of PowerPoint slides, Additional Documents, and Weblinks:

  • The PowerPoint slides are available for every chapter.  They contain an outline of the chapter structure followed by a thorough summary of the key points making them ideal for use by both lecturers and students.
  • A wide-range of additional documents are available as a supplement for many chapters, providing additional guidance and examples.  They range from guidelines for the contents of a research proposal with a worked example, to screen-print manuals for using SPSS and QSR N6 NUD*IST (exportable to N-Vivo) plus data files.
  • Within the book a variety of internet resources are referred to and these references have been included here, with links to the websites.
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