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This section of the website which accompanies The History of English. An Introduction contains three elements. Each offers suggestions which are intended to support your teaching. You are, of course, completely free to pick and choose among the material supplied here as best suits your teaching aims and interests.

  1. “Study Projects” are short suggestions (all four on a single page) about possible projects you might instigate to help your students follow the development of one or the other of four aspects of change in English throughout its history and spread. The idea behind this is to help them develop a feeling for the continuing effects of change.
  2. “Teaching Points” are available as a resource for each of the thirteen chapters. The points selected were the ones I, as the author, used in teaching this book in the second term of the 2011–12 academic year. I found it useful to concentrate on certain points only in order to help the students cope with the — for them — overwhelming amount of new information. The “Teaching Points” draw largely on material in the respective chapters, repeating some of it and including some maps, tables, and figures from HoE. There is, however, a certain amount of supplementary material.  Where this is the case I have been careful to document my sources.
  3. “Study Questions” are also available for each of the chapters. Each of them consists of suggested answers to the study questions given at the ends of the respective chapters. The answers vary considerably in length, and some of them contain supplementary material not to be found in HoE. Where this is the case, the sources I have drawn on are given.

Let me wish you profitable teaching and your students an enjoyable and useful learning experience.

S.E. Gramley, December 2012

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