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Welcome to the online resources for the fifth edition of Archaeology: An Introduction.

These have been revised to include:

For instructors: PowerPoint overviews of each chapter and discussion questions in PowerPoint format which can be imported into virtual learning environments for classroom usage. An image bank of all diagrams and some of the images from the book. Model courses.

For students: updated link sections for each chapter to resources, archives and documents relating to areas covered by the textbook, and organized by the book's chapters and sub-headings, an online glossary to test knowledge of key concepts, student multiple choice questions, a Time Team game.

The menu on the left side of your screen is there to help you navigate your way round the site. If you are using a particular chapter of the book, you can quickly find links related to the section you are reading. Otherwise, you can browse through the chapter headings to find the subject you want.

Visit our Resources for Archaeology website for even more free resources.

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