The authors invite you to visit their community website for applied linguists. If you're a practitioner, teacher or student of applied linguistics in any of its component areas — language teaching, literacy education, speech language pathology, translation and interpreting, lexicography, forensic linguistics, etc. — then is the website for you!

At you can help build, belong to, and share resources with an online applied linguistics community by:

  • contributing your own experiences as case studies for other practitioners or students
  • commenting on articles and blog postings
  • posting your questions and discussion topics on the forum

The community is open to all: not just those in established centres of applied linguistics associated with universities and big professional organizations, but also those working in small schools and colleges, NGOs and communities, or as freelancers; and not only in areas of the world which may have been underserved or excluded from discussion in the past, but also in professional areas of interest which are not always seen as central to the discipline.

The authors aim to engage members of the global community of applied linguists to participate in building a wealth of resources and information in the field, from the bottom up.

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