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About the Authors

Aileen Bloomer

Aileen Bloomer is a Fellow at York St John University, where she taught on linguistics, communication and community studies programmes. She had previously taught French in Warwick (UK) and English in Vietnam, Sweden, Germany and China. She has co-authored Introducing Language in Use with Patrick Griffiths and Andrew John Merrison, and Projects in Linguistics with Alison Wray (University of Cardiff).

Patrick Griffiths

Patrick Griffiths has authored or been among the central collaborators on five books, including An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics (2006), Introducing Language in Use (2005), The Child Language Reader (2004), and 25 published linguistics articles and reviews. He has taught at six universities, principally York University, the University of the South Pacific, Beppu University and York St John University.

Andrew John Merrison

Andrew John Merrison is a co-author of Introducing Language in Use (2005). Having taught at five universities, he is currently a senior lecturer in linguistics at York St John University. Andrew is particularly interested in the interactive nature of discourse, the interpretation of implicit meaning and the social management of (mis)communication. He is an active contributor to the UK's Linguistic Politeness Research Group and the Journal of Politeness Research.