Section 2

Unit 2.1: Child Development

Cambridge Primary Review:

Children's Plan:

Early Years Foundation Stage framework:

Effective Provision of Pre-school Education (EPPE):

Every Child Matters:

Wikipedia on child development:

Unit 2.2: Looking at Learning
These contain Noam Chomsky's review of Skinner and his attack on behaviourism.
The EmTech Learning Theories website contains probably the most comprehensive collection of links on the internet on the topic of learning theories (and other aspects of education — Most of the links are to downloadable articles/papers on topics ranging from operant conditioning to cognitive dissonance.
The Learning Theories website provides a useful outline of the principal theories of learning. It also gives access to numerous links to academic and practical material, which will expand your understanding of theories of learning.

Unit 2.3: From Learning to Teaching
This site, maintained by the government of Queensland in Australia, is most useful because it gives access to the thinking underpinning the influential Productive Pedagogies project, which has defined and mapped all the characteristics of effective teaching in schools. Look at the Productive Pedagogies framework first of all, then chase down the research papers underpinning this if you are interested.
The encyclopaedia of informal education contains a veritable cornucopia of material related to teaching and learning. As well as article length pieces on a variety of topics, it also has a comprehensive collection of links to take you further into the subject. If you consult no other information from the web about teaching and learning, do look at this site.

Unit 2.4: Developing Your Teaching Skills

Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum (Rose Review): Final Report:

You can also find a review of this report at:

Unit 2.5: Early Years Practice: Building on firm foundations

Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC):
This contains information on the Early Years Foundation Stage.

National Strategies:

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