Textbook cover

Doing Sociolinguistics, Miriam Meyerhoff, Erik Schleef, Laurel MacKenzie

Textbook cover

Introducing Sociolinguistics, 3rd edition, Miriam Meyerhoff

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The Routledge Sociolinguistics Reader, Miriam Meyerhoff and Erik Schleef

Welcome to the online resources accompanying The Routledge Sociolinguistics Reader and Doing Sociolinguistics: a practical guide to data collection and analysis, and supporting the Routledge textbook, Introducing Sociolinguistics (Miriam Meyerhoff).

Exercises, web and video links, and commentaries on the tasks in the books are included in a single Resources section for students and teachers to explore together.

  • Link to supplementary exercises for all the books, including some interactive ones. You’ll find something here to support every chapter in the book. Teachers, you can import the interactive exercises into your Virtual Learning Environments.
  • Engage with the concept questions and commentaries to further explore the questions, themes and issues raised in each topic.
  • Watch and listen to the video clips to better understand the nuances of language variation described.
  • Use the online glossary to test yourself on the key concepts underpinning the study of sociolinguistics.

Routledge Online Learning Pack

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