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We are hosting a range of materials to help you use this unique and exciting book. We hope they will prove helpful, whether you're studying or teaching, familiar with reading music or are learning the basics for the first time.

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  • For the Student
    • Interactive tutorials coordinated with the book. Exercises begin with pitch reading, and continue with tapping and listening to rhythms. Other topics include triads, intervals, ear training, and scales. After completing an exercise, scores can be emailed to your teacher or printed out. Need assistance with an exercise? Click on the Help button at the bottom of the page.
    • Note: You will need Adobe Flash installed on your computer, which many of you already have. It can be downloaded at no charge at
  • For the Instructor
    • A downloadable Instructor’s Manual, which will offer additional exercises, ideas on using the book, and more. Instructors should fill out the password request form on this page for access to this site.
  • Additional Resources
    • Appendices for additional information on subjects ranging from C clefs and keyboard exercises to modes and acoustics. Four complete songs are provided, followed by questions. The final appendix is an African song which combines singing and clapping in a traditional 4/4, or a 4/4 that is counted 3/8 + 3/8 + 2/8.
    • Index of Musical Examples

We hope you'll enjoy using this book and its interactive website to help you learn to read and understand music.

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Sumy Takesue and Constance Ditzel

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