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By reinforcing musical concepts with numerous written examples, offering a more balanced mixture of global, classical, and popular music, and integrating an interactive website, Music Fundamentals: A Balanced Approach is a comprehensive textbook for building musical foundations.


  • A variety of exercises help the student transform knowledge into practice
  • Listen and singexercises for ear training
  • Keyboard drillsto be played on a real keyboard or piano, or the keyboard insert provided in the inside cover
  • Clapping and countingexercises to engrain a cerebral understanding, but also a visceral feeling for pulse and rhythm.
  • Review exercises at the end of each module facilitate progress to the next module.
  • Vocabulary words interspersed throughout the text assist students in the study of music examples.
  • Cultural Notesdiscuss musical genres or place musical examples in a cultural context
  • Historical Notesplace material in an historical context
  • Vocabulary Notesdiscuss musical signs or terms. These notes provide contextual background and give students a richer appreciation and understanding of musical concepts
  • An Instructor’s Manualoffers suggestions for classroom exercises

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Sumy Takesue is an instructor at Santa Monica College, teaching theory and class piano. She has taught the Music Fundamentals at University of Hawaii, University of Southern California and now at Santa Monica and is a member of several professional organizations for teachers of music in California.

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