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karl popper

“Karl Popper was a philosopher of uncommon originality, clarity and depth, and his range was exceptional.” The Times

Welcome to the Karl Popper website hosted by Routledge. Karl Popper is one of the most influential philosophers and thinkers of the Twentieth century. His work both in the philosophy of science and on history and politics has had a reverberating effect on a range of thinkers, philosophers and scientists. Popper's writings occupy a form a pivotal place in the Routledge Philosophy list and Routledge’s publishing history as a whole, and continue to influence new generations of students and readers.

2002 is the centenary of Popper’s birth and Routledge is marking this occasion with several events including the launch of a one volume edition of The Open Society and Its Enemies and re-issuing several of Popper’s most influential works in the Routledge Classics.

“What distinguishes Popper for a great dull army of philosophers of science is that reading him is good for us.” Nature


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karl popper
karl popper

“There is no philosopher writing in English who can match Karl Popper in range or in the quality of his work…Politics, science, art…few broad areas of human thought remain unillumined by Popper’s work.”
Bryan Magee