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New Titles

Routledge continues its commitment to publish new works by Karl Popper and to make available all of his work to the widest possible audience.

2002 is the Centenary of Karl Popper's birth. In May 2002, and as part of the Centenary celebrations, we published a one volume hardback edition of The Open Society and Its Enemies, including a new preface by Václav Havel and a personal recollection by E.H. Gombrich, on the story behind the book's first publication. Later in the year the two-volume edition of this celebrated work will be re-issued in the Routledge Classics.

This Centenary year will also see the re-issue in the Routledge Classics of some of Popper’s most influential texts in the philosophy of science: The Logic of Scientific Discovery and Conjectures and Refutations; his pivotal work on the progress of history and the methodology of the social sciences, The Poverty of Historicism; and his acclaimed intellectual autobiography Unended Quest.

The past two years have also seen the publication in paperback of two Popper titles: his work on Presocratic philosophy, The World of Parmenides, and the selection of insightful writings on Popper’s main preoccupations during the last twenty-five years, All Life is Problem Solving.


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karl popper
karl popper