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Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem

In Defence of Interaction
(Edited by M.A. Notturno)

“Like Einstein, or Keynes [Popper] has transformed the way in which we see the world.” Sir Ralf Dahrendorf

“Here, Popper’s ideas are expressed with a beguiling simplicity and with considerable humour and charm. The enthusiasm (and, occasionally, puzzlement) of the original audience is preserved in the records of discussions following each lecture. The volume serves as an excellent introduction to Popper’s later thought for those who think philosophy beyond them.”
Roger Caldwell, Literary Review

This collection is based on lectures given in 1969 by Sir Karl Popper at Emory University. Popper here argues forcefully that the problem of the interaction between mental and physical states is still open – in spite of the materialist philosophers’ often repeated assertion that it has ‘evaporated.’

M.A. Notturno is Fellow of the Ianus Foundation, and the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University, and Director of the Basic Research Division at Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI).

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Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem