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The Myth of the Framework

In Defence of Science and Rationality
(Edited by M.A. Notturno)

"Popper’s championship of rational thought and his effective exposure of confusion and fanaticism in this region, and their often terrible consequences, are a genuine asset of Western culture.” Sir Isaiah Berlin

“Popper is at pains to defend rationality and scientific realism in an age when reason and truth are frequently under threat from those who should have been the defenders of both – not least the philosophers themselves.” Roger Caldwell, Literary Review

In a literary career spanning sixty year, Karl Popper has made some of the most important contributions to the twentieth-century discussion of science and rationality. The Myth of the Framework is a new collection of some of Popper’s most important material on this subject. In place of intellectual fashions, Popper offers his own critical rationalism- a view that he regards both as a theory of knowledge and as an attitude towards human life, human morals and democracy.

M.A. Notturno is Fellow of the Ianus Foundation, and the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University, and Director of the Basic Research Division at Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI).

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The Myth of the Framework