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The World of Parmenides

Essays on the Presocratic Enlightenment
(Edited by Arne F. Petersen with the assistance of Jørgen Mejer)

“I hope that these essays may illustrate the thesis that all history is or should be the history of problem situations, and that in following this principle we may further our understanding of the Presocratics and other thinkers of the past. The essays also try to show the greatness of the early Greek philosophers, who gave Europe its philosophy, its science and its humanism.” Karl Popper, from the Preface

The World of Parmenides is a unique collection of essays that not only explores the complexity of ancient Greek thought, but also reveals Popper’s engagement with Presocratic philosophy and the enlightenment he experienced in reading Parmenides.

The World of Parmenides includes writings on Greek science, philosophy and history and demonstrates Popper’s life-long fascination and admiration of the Presocratic philosophers, in particular Parmenides, Xenophanes and Heraclitus.

Edited by Arne F. Petersen, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.

“The seriousness and personal engagement [Popper] brings to bear are instructive and inspiring.” Classical Review

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The World of Parmenides