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This is the companion website for Learning through Talk. This book is designed to help teachers and others working with 5 to 11 year olds develop the key skills which will enable their pupils to use talk effectively for learning. The activities within the book encourage thinking and learning across the curriculum and help pupils to improve their communication skills and become independent learners. It also addresses compelling management issues now facing consulting firms.

Learning through Talk videos for website

These videos were taken as part of normal class work while developing the learning dialogue with two classes in West Sussex schools. They are not on this website as exemplar practice, but rather are offered as guidance and help for colleagues reading the book Learning through Talk.

The majority of the videos were recorded with a normal camcorder on a tripod, with an additional microphone attached, and the video diary clips were taken using a Digital Blue camera (Digital Movie Creator 2.0) linked to a laptop. The children in the classes were taught how to use both cameras and so were able to take their own film.

A summary of the videos available:

  • Videos 1 to 3 show the same group and how their talk skills developed over the teaching of the skills described in the book Learning through Talk.
  • Videos 4 to 6 are of groups carrying out tasks given in the workshops in the book.
  • Video 7 shows a class dialogue using traffic lights to aid the length of chains of responses.
  • Videos 8 to 10 show adults in role, used to introduce a new talk skill or to promote dialogue in the class.
  • Videos 11 and 12 show a child and a teacher using the video diary room.
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