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Chapter 4: Religious Oppression

Section 1: Discussion Questions

  • 1A: Context
  • 1B: Voices
  • 1C: Next Steps

Section 2: Further Resources

  • Print Resources
  • Video and Film Resources
  • Internet Resources

Section 3: Activities and Assignments

  • 3A: Religious Stereotypes
  • 3B: The Five Faces of Oppression: Participant Worksheet
  • 3C: Assignment: My family and religious oppression
  • 3D: Preparation and Participant Worksheet: Peer Panel on Religious Oppression
  • 3E: Institutional and Cultural “Web” of Religious Oppression
  • 3F: Background Information and Further Print Resources on First Amendment Constitutional Safeguards to Religion
  • 3G: First Amendment Religious Protection cases
  • 3H: Sample Sentence Stems for Common Ground Activity in a Religious Oppression class
  • 3I: Religious Knowledge Activity — Interfaith Four Squares
  • 3J: School-based Religious Exclusion and Harassment Scenarios
  • 3K: Workplace and school-based barriers for religious minorities
  • 3L: Antisemitism: Interactive Group Work for History Learning: Vignettes, Case Studies, Participant Worksheet on Antisemitic Stereotypes in Historical Contexts
  • 3M: Activity on Ally-ship

Section 4: Next Steps

  • Internet Resources
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