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Chapter 8: Ableism

Section 2: Further Resources

Print Resources

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Film Resources
Educational Films on Disability

How Difficult Can This Be?
The F.A.T. City Workshop This unique program allows viewers to experience the same frustration, anxiety and tension that children with learning disabilities face in their daily lives. Teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents and friends who have participated in Richard Lavoie's workshop reflect upon their experience and the way it changed their approach to L.D. children. 1989. 70 minute Video

The Story of the Stranger
By Norman Kunc Norman Kunc Describes what it was like to have cerebral palsy and attend a regular high school. (60 min)

Epilepsy: The Untold Stories
By Paul J. Joseph and Mark R. Brown (27 min) Aquarius Health Care

Straight-Up Life
A film about being young and HIV positive (29 Min)
Fanlight productions

Alone Together Profiles
A film about several young, straight and gay, male and female, individuals from a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds who were infected by the HIV virus in their teens. Fanlight productions

When Billy broke His Head and Other Tales of Wonder
By Billy Golfus and David E. Simpson
A story about becoming brain damaged as a result of a motor scooter accident. (57 min)
Fanlight productions

Sound and Fury
A film about the communication wars of the Deaf. This film takes viewers inside the seldom seen world of the deaf. (55min) Aquarius Health Care

Narcolepsy: a video by Jason Margolis
This film presents the experiences of three individuals whose lives and relationships have been affected by narcolepsy. (25 min) Fanlight productions

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
This video explores the current research in persons with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (29min) Aquarius Health Care

Without Pity: A film about abilities
HBO documentary, narrated by Christopher Reeve, celebrates the efforts of people with disabilities to live full, productive lives. We meet a cross-section of Americans. A young woman with cerebral palsy cares for her baby, while a man with cerebral palsy lives successfully on his own after 40 years in a long-term care facility. We go to school with a remarkable 6-year-old without arms or legs, visit the workplace of a computer expert who is blind, and meet a professor with polio who teaches the history of discrimination against people with disabilities. A young man, recently made quadriplegic, discusses his daily battle with depression and his determination to overcome it and get on with his life. (153 min)

Freedom Machines
Freedom Machines — is an unprecedented look at disability in the age of technology, presenting intimate stories of people ages 8-93, whose talents and independence are being unleashed by access to modern, enabling technologies.

Ennis' Gift: A Film About Learning Differences
Ennis' Gift, introduced by Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes, is inspired by the legacy of Ennis William Cosby, a young man who became a passionate educator dedicated to helping all children find their gifts and learn. Ennis knew how it felt to have difficulties learning to read and write. He understood the hurt, frustration, and confusion that come from being misunderstood by teachers and not “fitting in” with peers. 52 minute Video

YouTube Videos on Disability

Autism: In My Language

The Face of Autism

Bryan Anderson: Iraq War Veteran / Physical Disability

Disability Means Possibility: Physical Disability

Esther Vergeer—Wheelchair Tennis

F.A.T. City—LD [Learning Disability] Processing

Online Resources
Helpful Websites For Students With Learning Disabilities (Compiled by Monica Dauphinais)
Teaching techniques for encouraging motivation, metacognition, etc.; most are classroom based but reading through these may provide inspiration for your own creative approaches.
ONLINE VIDEOS; Topics include: Learning Strategies for General Chem., Time Management, Note taking, Stress Management, Reading Improvement (including reading rate and comprehension), and Strategic Learning; all videos have option for captions.
High School to College Learning Strategies, including developing self knowledge, study skills, student responsibility at college, accommodations-alternative ways to learn, college survival skills for the LD student, college considerations, and preparing for the transition.
Content area specific learning strategies.
General Purpose learning strategies (such as motivation, test anxiety, organization, memory, attention and learning, etc. etc.)
Post-grad learning—includes career planning, internships, securing first job, adjusting to job, social skills in the workplace, and managing finances.
Includes sections on memory, time management, handling reading, note taking, exam prep, and concentration.
Includes sections on memory, note taking, reading strategies, setting goals, time management, test taking, etc.
The Biology Project — aims to improve biology understanding by providing free access to high quality learning materials.
Studying for a Math final.
Study guides and strategies; topics include: Preparing, Learning, Studying, Classroom participation, learning with others, online learning and communicating, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, writing types, research, project management, math, and science and technology (each category has subcategories, and quite a bit of depth).
Punctuation explained
Free access to books and information online.
Biology and Chemistry internet resources.
Finding a good place to study.
Study skills guide for students (Education Atlas).
Reading comprehension
Remembering information
Listening and note taking workshop (link may need to be copied and pasted into Internet Explorer).
Textbook site for “On Course” by Skip Downing; Includes self-assessment, success strategies, technology exercises (for those struggling with technology), self-management tools, and more.
Includes Sections for each academic year of college (frosh, soph, etc.), and a post-grad section; a typical section includes study skills, living challenges, finances, health, and future planning; post-grad section includes career prep and grad school info.
Includes info listed below, and much more.
Calendaring and time Management from Cornell's perspective (similar to ours).
To do list with time estimates.
Time management tips.
Overcoming procrastination
Increasing reading speed
Exam strategies
Words to watch for in essay exams.
Strategies for multiple choice tests.
Stress management
Study skills self help info; includes handbook for students with ADHD, specifically.
Student textbook site—“Becoming a Master Student” by Dave Ellis.
Free cliffs notes, book notes, etc. online (to encourage increased understanding of readings, not the avoidance of completing readings)

Additional Disability Web Links

ICI Institute for Community Inclusion: Promoting the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Equity andExcellence in Higher Education: Universal Course Design
(syllabi, tutorials, strategies, resources, etc.)

Removing Bias in Language: Guidelines for Non-Handicapping Language in APA Journals
Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology

LD Online: LD Resources

ABA Commission on Medical and Physical Disability Law

Disability Resources on the Internet

Association in Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)

Asperger's Disorder website

U.S. Department of Education

Not Dead Yet

The Ragged Edge Magazine

TASH is an international association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and professionals fighting for a society in which inclusion of all people in all aspects of society is the norm. TASH is an organization of members concerned with human dignity, civil rights, education, and independence for all individuals with disabilities.

The Disability Zone

National Center for Leaning Disabilities

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