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Chapter 9: Ageism and Adultism

Section 1: Ageism and Adultism Chapter Discussion Questions

  • 1A: Context
  • 1B: Voices
  • 1C: Next Steps

Section 2: Further Resources

  • Additional Print Resources on Adultism
  • Additional Print Resources on Ageism
  • Websites related to Adultism
  • Websites related to Ageism

Section 3: Activities and Assignments for deeper exploration of Ageism and Adultism

  • 3A: Common Elements of Oppression from TDSJ2e
  • 3B: Assumptions about Ageism and Adultism from TDSJ2e
  • 3C: Early Memories of Ageism and Adultism from TDSJ2e
  • 3D: Information on Internalized Adultism from TDSJ2e

Section 4: Resources for Next Steps

  • 4A: Guidelines for the Transformation of Society from TDSJ2e
  • 4B: Additional Web Resources
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