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This is the companion website for The History of Mexico. The History of Mexico traces the last 500 years of Mexican history, from the indigenous empires that were devastated by the Spanish conquest through the 2009 mid-term election. The book offers a straightforward chronological survey of Mexican history from the pre-colonial times to the present and includes a glossary as well as numerous tables and images from comprehensive study.

In lively and engaging prose, Philip L. Russell guides readers through major themes that still resonate today including:

  • The role of women in society
  • Environmental change
  • The evolving status of Mexico's indigenous people
  • African slavery and the role of race
  • Government economic policy
  • Foreign relations with the United States and others.

Philip L. Russell is an independent historian and author of Mexico under Salinas.


“In an incredible feat of scholarship, Russell covers the entire history of Mexico, blending breadth with in-depth analysis and insight. Especially interesting for a US audience is the discussion of events in the border region and the attention to US-Mexico relations. Highly authoritative, this will be an invaluable reference point for both the generalist and the specialist alike.”
Peter M. Ward, C. B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair in US-Mexico Relations, University of Texas at Austin
The History of Mexico: from Pre-Conquest to Present is one of the best surveys of Mexican history I have read in a long time. The book is imaginative, well conceived, and exceptionally well researched. The organization of footnotes and sources is undoubtedly one of the book's greatest contributions. The author's assessment of the many findings made in the last 30 years of historiography on Mexico is impressive, and his analysis of the problems besetting the country's future is first-class scholarship.”
Adbiel Oñate, Associate Professor, Department of History, San Francisco State University
“This comprehensive book will be a valuable resource for new and returning students of Mexican history. It combines relevant and detailed information about Mexico's society and politics with a broad perspective on the country's transformations. The prose will engage readers while the extensive bibliography will provide them with a solid foundation to deepen their knowledge.”
Pablo Piccato, Associate Professor, Department of History, Columbia University
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