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Annotated Weblinks

General Shakespeare Resources
‘Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet’ is a site run by Terry A. Gray through Palomar Community College; it presents a wealth of resources, links and information relating to Shakespeare’s life and contexts and Shakespeare online.
‘Shakespeare’s Life and Times’ is a resource site written by Michael Best and connected to the Shakespeare Internet editions and the University of Victoria; it contains a lot of useful contextual and biographical information about Shakespeare and Renaissance drama.

Textual Resources
British Library page for online quarto texts; a digital collection of pre-1642 editions of Shakespeare's plays.
University of Pennsylvania page for a digital facsimile of the First Folio, 1623.
University of Pennsylvania resource site to guide students through key textual issues; this contains online tutorials on Renaissance book history.
EEBO (Early English Books Online); presents digital versions of early English texts, access through library.

Theatre Sites
Link to main site of the Globe Theatre; presents current events and information on the history of the theatre.
Link to main site of the Royal Shakespeare Company; it contains archival material and behind-the-scenes information.
Link to main site of the National Theatre; it includes information on past and current productions and a ‘backstage’ section.
Link to website of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival; this includes webisodes, games and mobile apps.

Theatre and Film Research Sites
Designing Shakespeare; contains production photographs and outlines information on Shakespeare productions, 1960–2000.
Shakespeare resource site for the University of Birmingham Shakespeare Institute; includes dates on past, current and forthcoming UK productions.
British Film Institute resource on Shakespeare on film and television.

Bibliographical Resources
The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online.

Blog of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; article-based content that presents ‘digital stories’ from their collection.

Images of Shakespeare
UK National Portrait Gallery page displaying a collection of images of Shakespeare.

Libraries and Societies
The Folger Shakespeare Library; contains online catalogue, online resources including a gallery and podcasts relating to the Renaissance contexts and individual plays.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; contains an online catalogue and online resources.
Shakespeare Association of America.
British Shakespeare Association.
German Shakespeare Association.

Disclaimer: these links are presented as recommendations; all information presented on these websites is the responsibility of the websites themselves and may change over time. Routledge cannot accept responsibility for broken links or inaccurate scholarly information on any external site. If you do encounter any problems, please contact the Routledge team.

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