This is the companion website for Persuasion in Society, 2nd Edition. Persuasion in Society combines contemporary rhetorical theory and criticism with social scientific theory and research to help readers understand and practice more effective persuasion. Features include the presentation of a dual perspective – the persuader and persuadee; integrated ethical issues throughout; theory applied to real-life practical situations; and stories and visual components to enhance learning. Persuasion in Society intends to help students improve their ability to analyze critical messages and gain a better understanding of persuasion and its psychological dynamics.

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Multiple choice quizzes so students can assess their learning as they read
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Glossaries of key terms by chapter and alphabetically
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PowerPoint presentation slides
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Discussion starters and exercises

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“From social-scientific to humanist approaches, from globalization to argumentation, from social movements to interpersonal negotiations, whatever the context, Simons and Jones have assembled a wealth of knowledge to better inform our understanding of persuasion. And they address the important topic of ethics in ways that are relevant and engaging.”
—Matt Koschmann, University of Colorado

“Simons and Jones have created a second edition worthy of the effort they have put into it. The excellence in design and material allows them to play the role of knowledgeable Sherpas to eager students who climb Mt. Persuasion.”
—Dann L. Pierce, University of Portland

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