What you hear exercises

Chapter 2: The Nature of Argument

BP Oil Spill: Media Lies & the Truth about a Teotwawki Event Happening Now
Putting SATs to the Test

Chapter 3: The Structure of Argument

Royal Marines Advert

Chapter 4: Relevance

Bill O'Reilly Gets Crazy

Chapter 5: Language

HBO Sports: Gumbel Commentary

Chapter 6: Truth and Acceptability

Social Media Revolution 2

Chapter 7: Generalization, Analogy, and General Principle

Bob Goldacre on Homeopathy

Chapter 8: Inductive Argument: Causal Reasoning

Free! Why $ 0.00 is the Future of Business

Categorical Logic

The Witch Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Propositional Logic

Do Only Fools Pay for Online Dating Sites?

Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues

How Ethical Are You? Take the Ethics Guy's Quiz on CNN
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