Welcome to the Routledge Translation Studies Portal.

Recent updates include four new Samples from a selection of key titles including Localizing Apps by Johann Roturier.

We have added our recently published books and journal articles to the full list of St Jerome titles acquired by Routledge in 2014. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to hear about our latest updates and new publications!

Impact factor information is now available for three of our key journals: The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, Translation Studies and The Translator (see also the new Call for papers).

The Resources section offers students a wide range of materials from multiple choice revision exercises to a glossary and self-test online flashcards. There is also a wide range of video interviews and lectures by our leading authors, including Lawrence Venuti, Mona Baker, Susan Bassnett, Sherry Simon, Michael Cronin and Douglas Robinson. Additionally, we have specially recorded videos which introduce and summarise aspects of translation studies as a discipline, featuring Lawrence Venuti, Jeremy Munday, Alina Secara and Gracie Peng.

For researchers, we recommend browsing a virtual collection of the most popular online research published in Routledge journals.

The Instructors section provides powerpoint slides linked to two of our bestselling textbooks, In Other Words and Introducing Translation Studies.

Please browse sample chapters from some of our key titles in the Samples section.

We will be building up the content offered here over time and we welcome your input. Please do get in touch via Feedback.

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Laura Sandford (Editorial Assistant)

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