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Edwin Gentzler, 'Centering Translation'

Andrew Gillies suggests 3 exercises aimed at practising analysis skills for consecutive interpreting

Source: A Word In Your Ear

‘Analysis’ is often cited as one of the most important skills in consecutive interpreting but it’s one that is less often practised in isolation. In this film Andrew Gillies suggests 3 exercises aimed at practising your analysis skills. The first exercise, based on newspaper headlines, will train you to look beyond what is said explicitly and bring to the forefront of your mind all of the implicit information on a given subject. This will help you put what is being said in any speech into some context and better understand it.

The other two exercises train a different type of analysis, namely that of breaking speech down into it’s component parts. Students can often see a speech as an indivisible mass of words and that can be very daunting. In actual facts speeches are usually made up of small manageable (and inter-related) sections that can be portrayed on paper, or in your minds-eye.

For an interesting blog post about analysis see “Just what is analysis anyway?” 

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Andy Gillies is interpreter trainer and coordinator of AIIC training.

For more reading tips on conference interpreting you can follow Andy Gillies on Goodreads where he highlights a number of books for student interpreters and their trainers. They include books about consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, translation, as well as books about language and language learning that he considers could useful for conference interpreters.

Lawrence Venuti talks about translation studies today

Internationally renowned theorist, author and translator Lawrence Venuti introduces the foundations of Translation Studies, explains his own route into academia, and discusses where the subject is heading.

More from Lawrence Venuti

The PEN Ten interview with Lawrence Venuti:

Podcast with Montana Ray and Lawrence Venuti

The following interview with Lawrence Venuti took place at an international conference held on 24-26 May 2012 at the University of Tallinn in Estonia. The theme of the conference was “Translating Power, Empowering Translation: Itineraries in Translation History.” The interviewers were Katiliina Gielen, Lecturer in the Department of English of the Institute of Germanic, Romance and Slavonic Languages and Literatures at the University of Tartu and Daniele Monticelli, Head of the Department of Romance Languages and Cultures and Associate Professor of Italian Studies and Cultural Semiotics at the University of Tallinn.

download Download the Interview

Here is a short memoir by Lawrence Venuti, published in Exchanges, the journal of literary translation:

Here is a short essay by Lawrence Venuti about translating a modern Catalan writer:

Lawrence Venuti in conversation at the University of Minnesota:

Sandra Hale Video Lecture


Three new videos covering key areas of translation studies by experts based at the University of Leeds

Jeremy Munday, 'An Introduction to Translation Studies'

Jeremy is a Professor of Translation Studies and the author of Introducing Translation Studies.

Gracie Peng, 'An insider's view to interpreting'

Gracie is Lecturer in Interpreting and Translation, as well as Director for International Recruitment.

Alina Secară, 'Audiovisual Translation'

Alina is Programme Director, MA Audiovisual Translation Studies and Teaching Fellow in Audiovisual Translation Studies. Alina mentions

Doug Robinson

Becoming a Translator, video interview July 2012

Sherry Simon

Sherry Simon delivers a lecture at the Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec, in French and English, on the multilingual heritage of Montreal.  This was a multimedia event, with special graphics designed to highlight the theme: the flow of language in the city. 

Michael Cronin

Michael Cronin delivers a lecture entitled “La ville: zone de traduction” (in French) at Concordia University.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Michael Cronin, Dublin City University, interviewed by The Journal of Specialised Translation.

An edited transcript of this interview is available in Synthesis 4 (2012).

Susan Bassnett

Susan Bassnett speaking at Swansea University, ‘The Author-Translator in the European Literary Tradition’, 2010.

For other videos from this conference, please see here

Interview with Susan Bassnett from Translation (carried out by Siri Nergaard)

Translation is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by scholars representing a transdiscilinary perspective on translation in collaboration with the Nida School of Translation Studies. The journal's paper version is biannual and comes out in summer and winter, while the journal online is continously updated with a wider content and space for debate.

Click here to watch video resources for our key textbooks: In Other Words; Introducing Translation Studies; Exploring Translation Theories; The Translation Studies Reader.

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